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In addition to being the largest healthcare company in the world,

Johnson & Johnson is also the oldest baby company in the world.


To re-launch the entire range of J&J baby products, targeting parents, specifically mothers. The range included shampoos and conditioners, bath and wash, lotions and creams, oils, powders, soaps and jellies, colognes, cotton products and wipes.


• To enable the brand to interact with the target group and end consumer, namely mother and child.
• To approach the target group in a setting conducive to brand interaction.


Magnus conceptualized a tie-up between J&J and Cheeky Monkeys – an ‘edutainment’ soft-play area and kids birthday celebration destination for children from 10 months to 8 years old. The play area presented J&J with a relaxed ambiance in which to interact with parents and children.

After extensive site recce’s, seven Cheeky Monkeys locations were selected for the project. We then submitted detailed simulations for the branding, and post client approval undertook the entire production and implementation over a two-month period (August and September 2019).

The total scope of activities for the project included: Branding at outlets • Online marketing • Blogger support • Dedicated screens for brand advertising • Sales promotion • Sampling • Product testers


• A total footfall of 42,000 parents and children in two months
• Cheeky Monkeys newsletter sent out to a 12,000+ database


Cheeky Monkeys’ Instagram:
• 9000+ reached (5 post feeds)
• 20 stories shared with 8861 followers

Cheeky Monkeys’ Facebook:
• 5000+ reached (5 post feeds)
• 10 stories shared with 63,000+ Facebook fans (main page)

Three Cheeky Monkeys’ Bloggers Tags:
The bloggers posted and tagged J&J in their stories

Cheeky Monkey’s in-house event inclusions in September 2019
• Back to School Event at Cheeky Monkeys Downtown, Dubai in collaboration with Kidzapp. All 60 guests and 13 bloggers received J&J products.

• Pinkfong and Baby Shark event with original characters all the way from Korea. Held at three Cheeky Monkey venues JBR, J3 Mall and Downtown (September 15 – 17) where we showcased the J&J brand and gave J&J products to all attendees

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