Shopper marketing focuses on the customer, in-store and at the point of purchase. Where traditional advertising may initiate a consumer’s purchase journey, shopper marketing is the closer; it forms part of the critical “last mile” to a purchase. Given that most purchases of consumer packaged goods (CPG) continue to take place in brick-and-mortar stores, where consumers can touch and feel items before buying them, this “last mile” plays an important role.
While the growing trend of e-commerce and shorter consumer attention spans do pose challenges to shopper marketing, brands can overcome these hurdles by optimizing in-store and co-branded shopper marketing activities, and by connecting them to the broader brand awareness campaign to drive stronger sales.
As retail marketing specialists we help brands’ gain consumers’ attention, their purchase, and their loyalty through exceptional in-store design and innovative shopper marketing executions. Our strategic and integrated approach to a customer’s in-store experience has been a driver of both sales and brand equity for world leading brands including Johnson and Johnson, L’Oreal, Maybelline, P&G, Galderma, Unilever, Toshiba, Garnier, BOSE, Coty, GSK, Landmark, Stanley Black & Decker, Karcher, British American Tobacco, Redington, Anker, Burjeel, Al Rostamani, MABE/GE and WD-Sandisk.
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