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mabe is a Mexican-based global company that manufactures and sells large capacity home appliances in more than 70 countries. In 1986, mabe entered into an important joint venture with General Electric Co. to produce appliances for the US market.


The objective was to create brand awareness and facilitate product sales in the Middle East (with special emphasis on KSA) through all channels of digital marketing such as social media, Google ads, website, content marketing, and videos.


In the Middle East, the brand had a weak online presence and poor content creation. Its market share was also suffering because of other major players.


While most white goods cater to a general audience, we decided to target a niche market – large families that require large capacity white goods. We uplifted the brand’s online presence by revamping the website and creating customized region-specific sites. The content strategy for social media and blogs shifted from product-centric to lifestyle-centric, focusing on household management, recipes, and helpful tips.


The lifestyle-centric approach, recipes and tips increased engagement and long-term brand recall. Social media engagement increased from 5% to 20%; social reach and website visitors doubled, exponentially increasing store footfall and sales.

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