From particleboard, MDF (medium-density fibreboard) and plywood, to whitewood, laminates and veneers, our team of skilled carpenters use a variety of EWPs (engineered wood products) to create different kinds of displays and props of all sizes for interiors, exhibitions, and retail POSM (point of sale materials).
EWPs are a range of derivative wood products, manufactured by binding or fixing strands, particles, fibres, or boards of wood, together to form composite materials. Environmentally, the benefits of EWPs are significant, as they help to maximize the potential of the worlds’ only truly renewable construction material.

Our laser-cutting equipment can cut aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and bronze. We weld materials together in order to produce signage, totems, and structures. Finishes include polishing, brushing, sandblasting, powder coating, acid etching, and chrome plating.

The art of using acrylic is a complex job and requires extremely skilled individuals. Using laser cutting, flame polishing and heat formation, we turn rigid sheets of PVC or acrylic into striking elements used in displays, or to clad other materials to give them a premium look and feel.

Styrofoam and Fibreglass
We are able to create lightweight yet extremely strong and robust POSM of any shape and size using expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) and glass fibre-reinforced plastic.

Spray Painting
Spray painting on a variety of surfaces enhances the appearance of our projects, whatever the setting. We ensure that all our painting requirements are only executed in our airtight paint booth. This enables us to deliver even paint tones in an absolutely dust free environment.

Digital Printing
Digital printing is the fastest method of printing and offers excellent value, especially for smaller quantities of prints. Our investment in the very latest wide format equipment and the best people for the job enable us to offer all types of digital printing services for both outdoor and indoor use.
We provide a large format printing on a variety of materials, weights, thickness and finishes including self adhesive films, vinyls, photo papers, canvas, banner materials and textiles. Our Flatbed printers allow us to print wide format directly on foam boards, corrugated boards, acrylics, aluminium composite materials (ACM), fabrics, cores and card.
The service encompasses large format printing for light boxes, duratrans’, vinyl prints, plotter cut prints, vehicle graphics, We offer customized solutions for roll fed material (banners, roll ups, pop ups), wall coverings (both temporary and permanent), POS materials, outdoor media, posters, canvas, plotter cut prints, vehicle graphics and other similar applications.

Screen-printing is another bloom in our bouquet of services. The process involves pressing ink through a stencilled mesh screen to create a printed design. Screen-printing is an effective technique for creating bold canvases, posters and artwork, and print fabrics and textiles. It is widely used because it produces vivid colours, even on darker fabrics. The technique is also popular because the same stencil can be used to replicate a design allowing the printer to easily reproduce a design multiple times.

Retail Lighting and Displays
Custom-made LED light sheets, light panels, light pockets, framed and unframed light boxes, LED strip kits, and digital video screens … our qualified in-house electricians are able to provide the perfect lighting solutions for any design. Using the very best lighting technology we help a brand’s displays to improve customer experience and be portrayed in the best possible light.

Installation, Warehousing and Logistics
Our expertise in turnkey project management extends from retail planning and installation to logistics and warehousing. We have a dedicated installation team to manage projects in the UAE. Their expertise and experience enables them to install projects with utmost attention to detail, scheduling, coordination, delivery, safety and workmanship. Through our partners, we also manage projects across the GCC and beyond.

Architectural Drawings
Our 360º approach to retail includes providing architectural drawings (also called shop drawings), thereby reducing the number of vendors and consequently, the cost for our clients.
Shop drawings are usually prepared for pre-fabricated components to show how they should be manufactured, fabricated, assembled, or installed. They are prepared by taking into consideration the design intent drawings and specifications developed by the project design teams.

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